40 Things I want to accomplish before 40

I created this list in my early 30’s, and I decided to transfer it to a blog post so I can document my achievements.  Looking at the list it’s amazing how much I’ve accomplished already. I wrote this list so long ago, it’s just reinforces the importance of setting goals. Since I didn’t blog along the way I will go back and write a blog post on the items I have already completed so I can share my journey with you.  I will turn 40 in 3 years so I’m looking forward to seeing what I will accomplish in that time. 

Thinking outside the Box

Have you ever been stuck and just gave up? Whether it be in something personal or business, you think to yourself,” I don’t even know where to start so why begin?” I am a big believer that if someone wants something bad enough, they will figure out a way to get it. I truly believe that!  It is completely dependent upon how badly that person wants it. So let me help you break it down.