My Book List:Books to read in 2018

In 2017 I made a mental note to read more books?.  When I completed a book I would scribble the name in a notebook. When I reflected on my year, I was glad that I read more, but I didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment.

Looking back, how could I feel successful? I didn’t set a goal to achieve, I was just flying by the seat of my pant.  Since I wasn’t striving for anything there was nothing to celebrate. Since my whole blog is focused on goal-setting and completing goals. I figured a book reading list would be a great place to start this goal setting journey.  

How I buy 3 months worth of snacks for 4 kids in under 1 hour

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate grocery shopping?. My trips include going to the store, thinking to myself “Why don’t I ever create a list”(or forgetting said list), strolling through the aisles trying to Pinterest recipes as I go, wondering why don’t I end this cycle. I know you’re thinking “Girl just plan”.  Don’t know why, but it’s always been a struggle. Also, why is Walmart always redesigning? STOP MOVING THINGS ALREADY!! I digress.?  So needless to say when Amazon Prime debuted I was the among the first to sign up!

Since Amazon Prime, several companies have jumped on board by also offering fast shipping at affordable prices. Which is a win-win for me, because I get to save time and money!