12 Spring Break Road Trip Essentials

Do you have plans for spring break yet?

It looks like I’m going to Michigan for a college visit with my oldest daughter for spring break this year.  

 Road trips aren’t on the top of my list of fun, but I do take them often, plus I love the uninterrupted time I get with my girls. 

There’s no escape!

They get to experience my car karaoke, my seat dancing skills, and what would a road trip be without a life lesson or two. 

I have to sneak those in whenever I can…Evil laugh…?

Since road trips aren’t my favorite form of travel, I try to make it as comfortable as possible. Whenever we pack for our trip there are some road trip essentials that must be in the car.

Oh – don’t let me forget something because we will be stopping at a Walmart on the way there! 

If you’re new to road trips or a pro,  I wanted to share my list of must-have’s so you can be prepared or add to yours. 

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Here’s my list of Road Trip Essentials:

Air Mattress Road Trip Essentials

1.  Air Mattress– This is a must-have for my family, but I feel that everyone could benefit from traveling with one.  You never know what could happen. What if there is a bed shortage where your staying or the house flooded before you arrived?  One thing you won’t have to worry about is where you will lay your head down.  I travel with 2 queen size mattresses because it’s perfect for one and or all five of us. I’m able to roll it up and put it in the storage compartment of the car floor.First Aid Kit #2 Road Trip Essentials2. First Aid Kit-I’ve learned no matter the age, you’re never too old for a band-aid.  Generally, I keep a first aid kit in my car, but especially when I’m taking a road trip. You know the old saying “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. Car Refrigerator Road Trip Essentials3. Car Refrigerator -This one is by far my FAVORITE! Can you tell I’m a foodie???? I  learned about these car cooler two years ago, they come in various sizes, the one pictured above is the one I own it’s the perfect size to fit in between the seats of my SUV. It has saved me so much money!  I’m able to keep items cold such as milk, cheese strings, fruit and not make as many stops. They also have a heat feature if you need to keep items warm?, but I have yet to use it. Hands down every car should come with one built in!Car Power Outlet Road Trip Essentials4. Car Power Outlet-This little gadget right here is a life saver. When you’re ready to have some quiet time you want to make sure everyone’s electronics are powered up. When there are 4 children and only 2 car outlets, it just doesn’t cut it, plus if you have someone that needs to do homework on a laptop this multipurpose tool is just great for the whole family.  Headphones-Road Trip Essentials

5. Headphones– Having extra sets of headphones will definitely solve the radio station argument. If you want to have a bit of peace it would be a great idea to have a few sets on hand. Wet Wipes Road Trip Essentials6. Wet Wipes-I prefer to have wet wipes instead of toilet paper because something is bound to be sticky and it’s soft on the bum if needed. 2- for- 1?Car Trash Bag Road Trip Essentials7. Car Trash Bag -You need a central location to throw away any trash. It helps to keep the car cleaner than what it would be if you didn’t have one.Water Bottle Road Trip Essentials8. Water Bottles– Everyone needs to stay hydrated while traveling. I know the bathroom stops- I get it!  I would like to get around that too, but there just isn’t another way.  So drink up! Plus reusable bottles may not be convenient but it is definitely greener. GPS Road Trip Essentials9. GPS– One of my fears is being in the middle of nowhere and getting lost. Cell signals aren’t always reliable so I like to have my GPS on as a backup, plus it has some pretty neat features on it. Road Trip Snacks10. Snacks-What’s a road trip without snacks? I love to put an assortment of bulk snacks in the back and I’ll grab some cheese sticks, and fruit to toss in the car fridge. Camera Road Trip Essentials11. Camera – You’re probably thinking “I’ll just use my phone.” Yes, you can capture your pictures that way, but when on the road you want to conserve your phone battery as much as possible. Trust me, you won’t regret having a point and shoot camera on hand.Books Road Trip Essentials12. Books -It’s always great to have reading material for you and your passengers big or small.  You never know when you might have some extra down time to enjoy a good book. Sunglases Road Trip Essentials*Bonus*  Sunglasses I can’t count how many sunglasses? I’ve bought during road trips. It’s one of those things you forget you need until you need them. So make sure these are one of the first things you pack first!


I want to know..

Are any of these items on your list? What is the must-have item that you have to pack?

12 Items you need for an epic spring break road trip


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4 years ago

Snacks and sunglasses are always a no brainer for me, but car refrigerator!? Game-Changer!

This post is so well thought out and helpful! Thanks for the great tips ? I’ll put them to use on our family trip this to week!

4 years ago

This looks like the PERFECT list for all road trips! I would definitely add blankets to the list even in the summer time. A day at the beach can also lead to a cool spring/summer night (depending on where you are in the world of course). Love being cozy 🙂

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