I was inspired to do this by a blogger, who’s site I was inspired by the moment I saw it. I’m excited that I came across this at the end of the year, because I feel that it’s going to be beneficial when I need a pick me up throughout the year. 

I fell in love with this idea, because it aligns with my goal of this site. Creating, completing and celebrating goals accomplished. This will allow me to have a visual of my accomplishments and focus on what I have done, as motivation to keep moving forward. Opposed to focusing on the negative of what I don’t have and what I haven’t completed. 

I’ve decided to add an additional step to this and start doing monthly reviews as well. I think this will be great way to help me power through the year and push me to complete more of my goals.

I also feel this will be a great way for you to get to know me and give you a bit more insight into my overall journey. 

Here are some highlights of my 2017

  • Started the year by taking a spare of the moment trip to San Antonio. Drove 4 hours to meet a dear friend who was staying at a resort and I was able to rejuvenate for 3 days.
  • Took a pre-planned college visit to Denver with my oldest daughter to check out Colorado Christian University. Brrr! I loved everything about the school, I just wish it was more diverse. 
  • Though months of anxiety were involved my oldest daughter become an official driver. Now that the state and I are semi-comfortable with her driving?, I’m extremely grateful to have an additional driver in the house. 

  • In May I decided to step away from my full-time job to start a business and pursue being a full-time independent contractor. It has definitely had it’s share of challenges, but love that it causes me to constantly be creative in finding ways to generate income. 
  • Every year Austin has a reggae festival that I’ve wanted to attend. I called my cousins and sister and we took a road trip to Austin. It was only for the weekend, but it was totally worth it!
  • I went to San Antonio again for a class trip for my 3rd oldest daughter. It was great to spend that alone time with her. A few days later, it was also a celebration, because she  graduated from 8th grade.
  • My 2nd oldest turned 16 and wanted a Sweet 16 birthday party. I was super excited to put this together for her, because my eldest opted for a mother daughter trip the year prior. It was an black and white masquerade party and the birthday girl wore gold. It was definitely a night to remember.  

  • Start of summer, my oldest went to Florida for a church conference and during that same week the other girls and I flew out to Atlanta to attend a conference of our own at Be in Health. We went for healing, prayer, and a renewal in our spiritual life. It was wonderful to experience that with my girls and spend that time together. We also were able to enjoy a bit of sight seeing in Atlanta.
  • Closing out the summer, the girls and I took a road trip to Kansas, MO and I was able to visit with my best friend and her kids. While there the girls aunt and uncle came and picked them up and took them to Indiana for a week and then I went and got them. It was nice to stay in MO with my bestie, we caught up on some much needed girl time. 

  • I took another spare of the moment road trip to Las Vegas.  A friend of mine was attending a convention and asked me to join to keep her company. Who says no to Vegas? Not this girl!  This trip was awesome, because of the time we got to spend together, and to top it off we got to see Tony Robbins live. That totally made the 20 hour drive completely worth it. He has so much energy and knowledge, I was definitely in awe and took some tools to apply to my daily life. 
  • Took another spare of the moment road trip to Tennessee. I think I’m seeing a pattern. ?We went to another college visit to see Southern Adventist University. This was my first time getting to visit Tennessee and what a beautiful state. The campus was beautiful and city was nice and quaint. I don’t think she will be attending, because the school wasn’t as advanced in her field of study as she would have liked. 
  • I’ve noticed through the year my emotional state has definitely been tested. My second oldest dragged me to the DPS to get her drivers permit. If only I could fast forward to the comfortable stage. 
  • I love weddings. My dear cousin tied the knot to his beautiful bride in the beautiful Dallas Arboretum. The ceremony was beautiful, reception lively, and people are just more open at weddings. It made me want to find more weddings to attend. ?  
  • I couldn’t think of a better way to end the year. My eldest daughter, who is a Senior,  wore my banquet dress that I wore 20+ years ago to her last banquet. It gave me pure joy to see her make the dress look timeless. #proudmom 

Reflection: I will admit, I was pretty down on myself before I decided to do this review. I was focused on the things that I haven’t accomplished that I wanted to, and where I was hoping to be by now. However, looking at this past year in this format, I’m actually very proud of myself. Even though my children consume the majority of my time, I can say that I did a good balance of sneaking in time for myself throughout the year. In years past, I struggled with guilt of taking time to myself, but it’s proving to help me be a better person.

What I want to do in 2018

  • I want to be bolder. As I’ve gotten older, working from home, and just busy with life, I’ve realized that I have a hard time making friends. Truth of the matter is, I try to make sure I’m invisible when I go places. I realized that’s not making me happy and I need to make a better effort of making eye contact and speaking to people in general. 
  • I want to take a coding course and get certified in Html, CSS and Java. This would allow me to expand my skills and give me more opportunities to generate an income.
  • I want to create a schedule for myself and stick with it. I want to have a set time to blog, workout, spend time with the girl etc. 
  • I want to be consistent with my workouts and drink water daily. Drinking water is something I’ve struggled with, but I’m going to make more of a conscious effort this year.
  • I want to meal prep and teach my girls how to meal prep and cook more. We are so quick to buy fast food or processed food. I want to focus on home cooked meals having more control of what we’re putting in our bodies.  
  • I want to be making $10,000 a month blogging by the end of the year. This scares me just to see it in black and white, but I know nothing will ever change without action. 
  • I want to get over my fear and take action on the business that I created last year.
  • I want to be able to give my 3rd oldest her sweet 16 gift. She wants to go to Disney world as a family, we have never been, but I would love to make that happen for her.
  • I want to give my oldest daughter her high school graduation gift. She is requesting a trip to a location with a large blue body of water with the family. Again, another big undertaking, but if I don’t put it out there it won’t happen.  
  • I want to have my car paid off by the end of the year. I owe $13,000 and it would be a huge burden lifted to have that removed. 
  • Learn to say “No” this year. If I don’t have time and it doesn’t align with my goals I need to pass on it. This is something I’m going to have to work hard at, because it’s in my nature to serve. 

I want to know..

Do you ever look back on your year? Do write out your goals? Have a year in review? Please share would love to check it out!

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Bianca Landis is the owner of Not A Basic Mom. She helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to setup Wordpress blogs while teaching bloggers and business owners to use social media to market their business. Her teaching style is simple, actionable and attainable. She has a deep love for teaching and helping others reach their goals.

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Victor Step
5 years ago

Having 4 daughters, you must have forgotten by now what the word “bored” means! 😀
Thanks for the positive and inspirational post!

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