I created this list in my early 30’s, and I decided to transfer it to a blog post so I can document my achievements.  Looking at the list it’s amazing how much I’ve accomplished already. I wrote this list so long ago, it’s just reinforces the importance of setting goals. Since I didn’t blog along the way I will go back and write a blog post on the items I have already completed so I can share my journey with you.  I will turn 40 in 3 years so I’m looking forward to seeing what I will accomplish in that time. 

1.Take a trip out of the country with my children

2.Ride first class on an airplane

3.Stay in a Bed & Breakfast

4. Visit London

3. Be debt free

4.Go to Disney World

5. Have a Garden

6. Not worry about money

7. Learn how to code

8. Have dinner in a “dining in the dark” restaurant

9. Complete the Tinkerbell half marathon

10. Take a cooking class

11. Go to a murder mystery dinner

12. Learn how to speak Spanish

13. Take a random weekend trip

14. Do an obstacle course run

15. Reach goal weight 120-125

16. Learn to Swim

17. Go to a vineyard/stomp on grapes

18. Be working at home full-time

19. Write a book

20. Take a girls only vacation

21. Wear a bikini and look good(to me)

22. Go camping with my girls

23. Play piano again

24. Go to an art exhibit

25. Spend New Years in  Times Square

26. Go to a gun range learn to shoot

27. Ride on a train

28. Play paint ball game

29. Eat at Serendipity restaurant in NY (Inspired by the movie Serendipity

30. Travel to 10 states I have/haven’t been in

31.Watch a Broadway musical

32. Go to Jamaica

33. Take a photo every day for a year

34. Complete a heath challenge

35. Love what I do in life

36. Go to a beach with black sand

37. Stay in a cabin

38. Find my soul mate

39. Have created a 6 figure income online

40.  Speak at a Ted talk

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Bianca Landis is the owner of Not A Basic Mom. She helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to setup Wordpress blogs while teaching bloggers and business owners to use social media to market their business. Her teaching style is simple, actionable and attainable. She has a deep love for teaching and helping others reach their goals.

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