Are you tired of almost being ahead?

Tired of giving up before you finish…

Overwhelmed with thoughts of ..?”ugghh if I would have kept going I would be XYZ?”

You want to be better, do better, but you struggle with staying motivated because you have so many other things around you?

I am here to tell you there is hope.

Lose those thoughts, because it’s in the past. You can’t change them.

You can change what you do today!

I know you’ve heard it before,  but this time, you have me to make it a more enjoyable.?

Here are some tips that will get you started in the right direction.

1. ?Find a partner– A partner can be a friend, kids, co-worker, a spouse, or anyone that really wants to help you grow and understands the importance of your goal. You can also look for one in our Not a basic mom Facebook group.

2. ?Make a goal-Really think about you want and then go for it. Don’t get clouded with other things, set a task and stick with it until it is complete. Once you have proven to yourself you can complete a goal then create another and so forth.

3. ?Write everything down-Do you know exactly what you want to accomplish? Write it down daily to keep on task and give a copy to your partner so they have clear guidelines that they can hold you too.

4. ?Read– Take 10 minutes every morning to start your day with uplifting material. I prefer Women’s Devotional’s, but you can read motivational quotes, stories, or poems.

5. ?Sing it -I don’t know about you, but I love to start my day by listening to a great song. Right now one of my favorites is “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin. Your song can be anything that puts you in a great mood, personally I love fast tempo happy songs. Now please don’t go and put in “Someone Like You” by Adelle and cry for the rest of the day! We need motivational powerful songs that remind you …..Yes you can do anything!

These tips can be applied to your personal and professional life. Life is too short to lose focus and not complete the things we want because we didn’t “feel like we could” put in real effort.

Don’t let your emotions drag you down.

I want to know…

Is there a goal/task you gave up on midway? Do you struggle with negative self-talk? What goal will get tackle next?


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Bianca Landis is the owner of Not A Basic Mom. She helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to setup Wordpress blogs while teaching bloggers and business owners to use social media to market their business. Her teaching style is simple, actionable and attainable. She has a deep love for teaching and helping others reach their goals.

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