My Book List:Books to read in 2018

In 2017 I made a mental note to read more books?.  When I completed a book I would scribble the name in a notebook. When I reflected on my year, I was glad that I read more, but I didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment.

Looking back, how could I feel successful? I didn’t set a goal to achieve, I was just flying by the seat of my pant.  Since I wasn’t striving for anything there was nothing to celebrate. Since my whole blog is focused on goal-setting and completing goals. I figured a book reading list would be a great place to start this goal setting journey.  

5 Things You Must Stop Doing To Complete Any Goal

Like your children, each of my girls has various strengths. When I see one of their strengths shining through, I always remind them to use their powers for good and not evil.  As a woman, you are an amazingly powerful creature! When it comes to others, especially your offspring, you can demonstrate unimaginable strength. You show strength in how you uplift, care for and love others. Yet, when it comes to yourself you don’t use your amazing powers for good. Instead, you take the passion from your strength and channel into causing severe damage to yourself.

40 Things I want to accomplish before 40

I created this list in my early 30’s, and I decided to transfer it to a blog post so I can document my achievements.  Looking at the list it’s amazing how much I’ve accomplished already. I wrote this list so long ago, it’s just reinforces the importance of setting goals. Since I didn’t blog along the way I will go back and write a blog post on the items I have already completed so I can share my journey with you.  I will turn 40 in 3 years so I’m looking forward to seeing what I will accomplish in that time. 

Thinking outside the Box

Have you ever been stuck and just gave up? Whether it be in something personal or business, you think to yourself,” I don’t even know where to start so why begin?” I am a big believer that if someone wants something bad enough, they will figure out a way to get it. I truly believe that!  It is completely dependent upon how badly that person wants it. So let me help you break it down.

2017: a year in Review

 I was inspired to do this by a blogger, who’s site I was inspired by the moment I saw it. I’m excited that I came across this at the end of the year, because I feel that it’s going to be beneficial when I need a pick me up throughout the year. 

I fell in love with this idea, because it aligns with my goal of this site. Creating, completing and celebrating goals accomplished. This will allow me to have a visual of my accomplishments and focus on what I have done, as motivation to keep moving forward. Opposed to focusing on the negative of what I don’t have and what I haven’t completed. 

5 Tips to Help You Crush Your goals

Are you tired of almost being ahead?

Tired of giving up before you finish…

Overwhelmed with thoughts of ..?”ugghh if I would have kept going I would be XYZ?”

You want to be better, do better, but you struggle with staying motivated because you have so many other things around you?

I am here to tell you there is hope.