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As you have figured out by now, I’m not the mom that enjoys shopping. However, I am the mom that loves to save money so I can put it into things that I really want! So if I have to click this, move that, save this …as long as it’s all digital, then I’ll do it.


I post pictures of my purchases on my Instagram account and post my referral code letting friends know they can get $15 towards their first purchase. I also make sure to utilize hashtags to reach a larger audience. Note* My IG account is public that’s the only way hashtags are beneficial.


I don’t, but you could do the same thing on your Facebook or even Twitter account.

Coupon Sites

In the past, I’ve posted on several sites that allow you to list your referral code for free but I didn’t mark them. 🙁 However, you can google “sites that let you post a referral code for free” and find sites that work for you. There are some sites that you can pay to post your link, but I never wanted to invest in doing that. If you want to try it and it works for you, great!

I did find one site recently that was quick and easy to post


Word Of Mouth

Whenever someone mentions shopping or buying things in bulk, I always bring up the convenience of buying at Boxed. The conversation usually ends in me telling them about getting $15 off their first order and I text over my discount code. Simple as that!

Volunteer To Make Purchases

I volunteer a lot for my church and at my children’s school. So whenever snacks need to be purchased for a group, team or class, I volunteer to make the purchase. I collect the funds needed per student and place the order. I will always go through Ebates or Ibotta before placing the order.

Ebates/ Ibotta

Before placing my Boxed order, I will always log into Ebates or Ibotta and select the promotion they are offering for Boxed. They are always offering a rebate of 2.5% – 5% cash back. So depending on who has the highest cash back offer when I’m placing my order will determine who I will be using that day.


I was never quite sure what Reddit was because I never took the time to sit down to figure it out. Once I did, I found it very beneficial. You have to have a registered account to post anything and depending on the forum you must meet certain qualifications before you can post. Let me know if you have any questions on how to utilize this.

Write A Blog Post

Another way to get the word out would be to write an informative post about Boxed, sharing your personal experiences and how you use the service to benefit your household on your personal blog. Basically similar to what I’ve written here.


If you don’t have a personal blog or your blog doesn’t have a lot of traffic or you just want to make sure to get more exposure, you can write an informative post on Hubspot. You can do the same on sharing your personal story on how you use the services and make sure to include your referral link.

4 Ways To Earn Grocery Money

1. Referrals – $15 per referral

2. Credit Card – Making the purchase on a Credit card that gives you cash back

3. Cash Back Rewards from Boxed – 1%

4 .Cash Back Rewards from Ibotta/Ebates – 2.5%- 5%

In order to get a $200 grocery order for free, I just need to invite 13 friends and let the rewards add up until I place my next order. What I love about this is that even if I didn’t have a huge circle of friends, I could still use any of the 10+ options above and earn money on the referral bonus. It won’t happen overnight, but I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised when it does start adding up.

Needless to say, you can apply this same strategy to any product/service that you use. Personally, I like to only promote products/services that I use or will use, so that way share my experiences.

I want to know..

Have you received your groceries for free? What money saving tips do you use for your family?

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