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How To Start A Blog For Beginners


I’m excited to take you on this journey of how to start a blog for beginners.

This will be an informative, productive, easy to follow guide to learn how to blog for beginners. 

Here are the steps of starting a blog, choosing a niche, setting up your blog, how to set up social media accounts, how to market your blog effectively and show you how bloggers make money.

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Let’s start a blog for beginners!


Step 1-Choosing a Niche


How to find blog niche ideas-Blog for beginners

When starting a blog it’s a good idea to have a direction of what you would like to write about. There are so many areas that you can dive into when making that choice.  When it comes to making that decision it’s important to have a starting point. In this chapter,  I’m going to provide with 100+ ideas to get your thoughts flowing. 


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Step 2-Choosing a Name


Choosing a domain name-Blog for beginnersChoosing a name for your blog is an important step in this process. You want your name to represent who you are and what you’re going to be writing about. This chapter will show you tricks on how to come up with the perfect name for your blog.

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Step 3-Choosing a Blogging Platform


Choosing a Blogging Platform-Blog for beginnersAs the blogging industry is booming there are so many blogging platforms to help support bloggers.  In this chapter, I’ll explain what a blogging platform is, why you need one and the importance of choosing the right platform for your blog. I will also share the platform I use and why. 

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Step 4-Install WordPress


How to install WordPress-Blog for beginnersThis is where the action begins! I’m going to show you step by step how to install a WordPress blog.  Even if you’re not tech savvy, I promise this will be a quick and painless process. 

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Step 5-Choosing/Installing a Theme


How to install WordPress Theme-Blog for beginnersNow, this is where the fun begins, it’s time to choose a theme for your blog. In the land of the internet, there are so many beautiful blogs that will appeal to any target audience. You’ll learn what a theme is, how to find a theme for your niche as well as where to find free themes and the best places to find quality premium themes. 

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Step 6-Plugins


How to install WordPress Plugin-Blog for beginnersThis chapter will teach you what plugins are while explaining the importance of them for your WordPress blog.  I will share the must-have plugins that every new blog for beginners needs to have installed.  While also supplying a list of recommended plugins and showing you how to find the ultimate directory of plugins for the task you want to perform. 

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Step 7-Setup the Basics


How to set up WordPress-Blog for beginnersYou’re ready to get your blog setup and write your first blog post.  There are some basic things that every new blogger should do before promoting their blog to the world. You’ll learn the top things every new blog should have and how to post your first blog post. I’ll teach you how to make your site search engine friendly and share basic tips to get you started on the right foot. 

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Step 8-Branding


Building a Brand for your blog-Blog for beginnersWhen setting up your blog, it’s important to establish your brand from the beginning.  Even though it will evolve over time you want to create an identity that your audience will be able to recognize as you begin to promote your content. This is important even for blogs for beginners. You will learn the best places to find a color scheme, how to create a logo, and where to find awesome free stock photos. 

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Step 9-Social Media


Social Media-Blog for beginnersGet ready to establish your new brand on various social media platforms.  Learn how to optimize your profile on the most popular social media platforms.  You will learn which platforms you should be on, and tips to use these platforms to engage with your target audience. 

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Step 10-Make Money


How to make money with your blog-Blog for beginnersCongratulations on making it this far! It’s time to roll up your shelves and get to work. You’ve invested time, and set up your blog, so this is where your hard work pays off.   You’ll learn how to add your website to search engines so your blog will be found. I’ll also share multiple ways you can make money with your blog, and how to drive traffic to your blog.

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Bonus tips for Blog for beginnersYAY! You’ve completed the How to start a blog for beginners guide.  Now that you’ve completed all your steps you should already have a few posts under your belt. Now you’re ready to get into a routine and start planning out your content for your blog and social media. Click to receive free tools to help you continue to grow in your blogging journey. 

Step By Step How to Start a Blog for Beginners!
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Step by Step How to Start a Blog for Beginners

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