Step By Step
How To Start A Blog For Beginners

Chapter 1

Choosing A Blog Niche

When deciding to start a blog, it’s a good practice to have blog niche ideas to start the process.

There are so many things you could write about, how to do you choose? 

 Personally, I know how easy it is to get stranded on the island of ideas.

Stranded on blog niche Idea Island

It’s important not to get lost in all of the possibilities,  that you never move past this step.  If you have a niche that you are extremely knowledgeable about and would enjoy sharing with the world, that may be a perfect fit for you.  

If you’re like me when I started, you may not know exactly the direction you’re wanting to go, you might start with writing a little bit about everything at first to see what you enjoy.

That is 100% o.k!

Here’s a few of the blog post that I wrote when I started:

?My Journey into the Blogosphere

?How switching banks saved me over $1000

?5 Tips to help you crush your goals

These aren’t the greatest, but they helped me move past my fear of not knowing what direction to start. This just goes to show you don’t have to be perfect and know your direction to get started.  

Another option would be if you want to learn more about a certain topic. You can interview experts on a topic and create a blog about your experience and findings along the way. You can blog your journey of learning a new skill, language or struggle.  

Let’s get your ideas flowing, so click on each tab to check out a list of categories so you can see some blog niche ideas.

Niche Ideas

1. How to organize your closet
2. Check out this awesome organization blog
3. How to organize kids rooms
4.  How to organize your garage
5.  How to organize your business
6. How to organize your life
7. How to become paperless
8. How to organize bills
9. 365 days worth of tips
10. 30 day organization challenges
1. How to become vegan
2. Monthly health challenges
3. How to transition to a healthy lifestyle
4. How to create exercise routines
5. Check out how Gina rocks the fitness industry
6. How to meal plan/meal plan ideas
7. Start a membership site
8. Exercises using just a chair
9. Exercises that can be done at home
10. How to change eating habits
1. This blogger shares her personal chef experience.
2. One of my favorite Vegan bloggers
3. Paleo recipes
4. Food videos
5. Recipes Hacks
6. Recipes for a large family
7. Gluten-Free Recipes
8. Meal Plans for 30 days
9. Pre-made Grocery list
10. Meal ideas for two
1. How to make money
2. How to save money
3. How to get out of debt
4. See how Money Saving Mom is doing it
5. Best ways to spend money
6. How to teach kids about money
7. The in and outs of buying stock
8. How to make money from home
9, How to make money while traveling
10. Teaching women how to invest money
1. Create ebook inspirational prayers
2. Create a Prayer Group
3. Printables with encouraging verses
4. Women of the Bible
5. Create bible study guides
6. Write Daily Devotionals
7. Top podcast for sermons
8. Interviewing top faith-based bloggers
9. Prayers to start the day
10. Create online bible study groups
1. How to build a birdhouse
2. How to build a bar
3. How to build a toy box
4. How to build a deck
5. DIY-Jewelry
6. DIY- Hair Bows
7. DIY- Center pieces
8. DIY- Candles
9. Cake Decorating
10. Minature houses
1. Have a large family check out what Sharon does.
2. Homeschooling
3. Autism
4. Learning Disabilities
5. Rasing Teens
6. Breastfeeding
7. Teaching kids about money
8. Teaching kids how to be organized
9. Actor children
10. Activites with kids
1. Jessica has a sweet college lifestyle blog
2. Beauty
3. Fashion
4. Day to Day Life
5. Hair
6. Photography
7. Bullet Journaling
8. Calligraphy
9. Motivational
10. Tackling life issues
1. Couple Travel
2. Road Trips
3. Family Travel
4. Best places to visit in XYZ city
5. USA Travel
6. International Travel
7. RV Travel
8. Christian Travel
9. Remote Working
10. Best places to work while traveling
1. Bedroom
2. Living Room
3. Farmhouse-Check out The Willow Farmhouse blog
4. Rustic Furniture
5. Kitchen
6. Bedroom
7. Backyard
8. Kids Room
9. Bathroom
10. Various preset room plans

I also love  ?Pat Flynn’s way of finding your niche, he suggests writing down your 7 passions, 7 problems, and 7 fears.  Then pick your top 10 to start narrowing it down. Your blog niche ideas should fit into the sweet spot of the diagram below. 

This is what mine ended up as:

Stuff I love: Websites/Social Media
My Skills: Website setup/social media management
What people want: Help setting up blogs and help to generate traffic on social media


How to select a blog niche ideas

Now, if you can answer those three questions and everything aligns you should then see if it will pass the 30 posts test.

See if you can write 30 potential titles about the subject/blog niche.

Having a hard time coming up with 30 post ideas? Then you probably need to move on to your next blog niche idea.

If you breezed through that exercise, like the wind,  you’re ready to move on to the next step!

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