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How To Start A Blog For Beginners

Chapter 10

Making Money

 There are multiple ways to be blogging for money. Sometimes it’s hard to know what channel to pursue. Just like when using social media, I would pick two things to focus on. Once you’ve mastered them, then add an additional avenue to generate income. 


Plastering your site with ads and affiliates will not work if you don’t have a strategy.


I’m going to share the most popular ways to generate income with your blog.  


Google Adsense

This is a Cost Per Click advertising service that you can use on your website.  Placing a piece into your blog, Google will make ads appear on your site tailored to the interest of your visitors. These ads can be placed on pages, post, top bar, and sidebars. When someone clicks on your ads, Google will pay you a small amount for that click.  *Don’t click on your own ads, Google will know and penalize you for it. 

Referral Program

A Referral Program is a rewards-based system offered by the Seller of a product or service. This program is used to incentivize current customers to refer their friends and family.  Typically when you refer customers you can gain points or cash rewards only to be used towards those products or services.  

Affiliate Program

An Affiliate program is a cash-based system offered by the Seller of a product or service.  The Seller sets up a program to pay people for sending referrals their way. They set this up for those that want to help market their services and get paid cash.  I’m sure you’re always referring a product or service that you love, so now you should check to see if they offer an affiliate program. Since you have a blog, no reason, not to get paid for what you’re already doing for free!

Affiliate Networks 

An Affiliate Network is a network of thousands of merchants that offer programs for people to promote their product or service.  The only difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network is the network serves as a mediator between you and the seller. It’s great because you have thousands that you can search through and you can view the seller’s payment history to other promoters.

Sponsored Post 

A Sponsored post is used as a tool by a company promote their product/services.   A company will pay a blogger to write a post or post on social media about their product to their audience. The purpose of a sponsored post is to help bridge the gap between the company and its target audience. 

Bloggers have their readers attention and trust, companies are willing to pay bloggers for the work they put into building the community. 

Write Post

There are several companies that are willing to pay you to write a blog post for them. While you’re getting your blog up and running and if you need to get some cash flow, this is a great way to make that happen.  I still want to keep on the path towards your goal, so I have a list below to get you help get you started. 

Self-Made Sales

First, what are Self-Made Sales?  Well here is my made-up webster dictionary version. 


Self-Made Sales= A product or service that is uniquely created by an individual to sell to the people of the internet.


When you start diving into self-made products truly the sky is the limit! You can get as creative as your imagination will take you.  Sounds like an awesome idea, but you have no clue where to start? No worries, I’ve put together a list below to get you started. 
I believe I’ve educated you enough on what every means and how it works. Now I’m going to save you hours of time so you can jump right in! I’ve listed links directly to affiliates and sponsored post so you can hit the ground the running.  

If you add affiliates to your blog income strategy, I would start with products/services you love, check to see if they have affiliate programs.  If you’re not sure where to start, below you will find a list of affiliate programs and networks to get you started.  


Affiliate Programs Affiliate Networks
Amazon Commission Junction
Ebay Skimlinks
Target Viglink
Convert Kit Shareasale
Walmart ClickBank
Shopify Peerfly



Sponsored Post

Tap Influence
Massive Sway
Mom it Forward
Social Fabric/Collective Bias

Get Paid to Write

A List a Part Oatmeal Studios
Chicken Soup for the Soul BabyFit
List Verse The Hairpin
Family Fun MetroParent
Cracked Money Pantry
Freelance Mom Healthy Living
A Fine Parent Income Diary
 If you’re looking to create a passive income, I highly recommend you create a self-made product/service.  If you can think of something that would make the lives or your target audience better, create it now!


If you’re thinking that you don’t even know what you could create, I’ve provided a list below to give you some examples to help you get the ball rolling.  If you’re still not sure how to apply the suggestions in the list to your niche, shoot me an email with your blog and I can send some ideas your way. 


Self-Made Ways to Blogging for Money

Create an E-Course Be a Coach Podcast Advertising
Host a Webinar Paid Facebook Groups Sell Services
Write an E-Book Email Marketing Host Live Workshop
Create a Membership Site Create Physical Products Sponsored Ads/Post
Write a Guide or How-to Create a Custom Template Create Digital Products
Sell Photos Accept Donations Create a Paid Directory


Congratulations you’ve completed the guide!


Thank you for allowing me to take you on this journey.

I hope it was helpful and gave you a head start on your blogging journey. I would love to know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how I can make this better.

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