Step By Step
How To Start A Blog For Beginners

Chapter 2

Choosing A Blog Name

 You should now know the direction you’re wanting to take your blog. When choosing a blog name it’s hard to know where to begin.

I’m going to give you tips to guide you in choosing a name.

Be careful, don’t get stuck in this section. 

Don’t overthink it, after you apply these suggestions just follow your gut.  It may not seem like it right now, but trust me, your blog will be more than its name

Choosing a Blog Name


✍?Tip- If you can get a .com that would be ideal because that’s what people are used to seeing.

However, if you want a name that’s available on .blog it won’t be the end of the world.  

1. Use your niche

Do you have a keyword in your niche that your writing will be focused on? See if you can use that word or mix it together to with something in your niche. If you are in the travel industry and your focus was on backpacking through Europe. I would try names such as The Backpacker, Mrs Backpacker, The Adventurous Backpacker,  Married Backpackers, The Solo Backpacker, or The Backpackers Life.  I think you get the idea. 

2. Easy to remember

Your name should be something simple and easy to remember.  Try making a list of names and putting things together to see how they would sound. It’s best to keep it short and sweet if possible.

3. Thesaurus

The thesaurus can be a helpful guide when the names you want aren’t available. Use the thesaurus to find alternatives for the words you want to use. This domain name generator is a great tool to get your ideas flowing. 

4. Invent your own words

If nothing still feels right, just make up your own words. Many companies and blogs have created their own words,  such as Zapier, Zappos, Bakerella.  Or use a play on words just as Thai me up, or Lord of the Fries.  Be creative. 

5. Use your own name

If all else fails and you still feel stuck. Use your own name, many bloggers start out with cute names and individually end up rebranding and using their own name. There’s only one you, own it!

If you want a fun way to get the ball rolling you can use this fun blog name generator. It will give you names for SEO and all sorts of columns to help get your creativity flowing. 

Once you have decided on your name.  Make sure to check if your name is available in NameCheap.

If it’s not available, go back to suggestions  1-5 and pick a new name. 

If your name is available- YAY! 

Let’s move on to chapter 3 so we can get it registered!

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