Step By Step
How To Start A Blog For Beginners

Chapter 3

Blogging Platform

I’ve built websites on many different platforms over the past 10 years. Since, they have created several blogging platform options that are easy to setup and get started.

However, other blogging platforms always have limited options or have an upcharge for features that are offered for free using

If you are using, know that it is a different platform from

If you haven’t heard of it I highly RECOMMEND that you start your blog on, especially if you ever plan on generating any kind of income. 

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking I will just use XYZ platform to get me started. It’s more of a hassle to switch platforms than to just start out the right way.  It may seem overwhelming on your own, but thank goodness you have me!

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through how to purchase your domain and get your hosting setup. 

So let’s get started!

Go to SiteGround and select your plan. If you sign up using my link you will receive 60% off your order. 

Not sure which plan?

1⃣StartUp- If you’re just starting out and only have one website that you think you will ever build then this is the plan for you. 

2⃣GrowBig- If you have multiple sites that you plan on building overtime, this would be a good plan to start with. 

3⃣GoGeek- If you needed this plan, you probably wouldn’t need me. 🙂

**Money Saving Tip** If you plan to be blogging in the years to come I would sign up for the 24 or 36-month options. When web companies offer these discounts they are only for first-time customers.  So taking advantage of the promotion, in the beginning, will save you money in the long haul.

ie. GrowBig  Plan

Plan Months Discount Price Renewal Price Savings
GrowBig 12 $71.40 $179.40
GrowBig 24 $142.80 $358.80 $108.00
GrowBig 36 $214.20 $538.20 $216.00


Step 1. Choose A Plan

-Select “Order Now” on the plan that you decide is best for you. This will take you to the next step. 

SiteGround-Blogging PlatformStep 2. Choose Domain

-Remember when you made your list of possible blog names? This is where you will secure your blog name.  You will notice several alternative domain extensions such as .com, org, .net. If possible I suggest securing the .com version of your blog name. I feel it’s best to use .com, it’s the extension that most people are used to seeing. However, .blog has been becoming popular as well. 

Step 3. Review & Complete

-Fill in your Account and Client Information

-Enter your Credit Card information

-Make sure the hosting period selected is 12 months or more (for any plan) so you can receive your 60% off Discount!

Step 4. Pay Now

At the bottom, you will see extra services with the explanation included. These are completely optional and available if you choose to purchase.  After reviewing select “PAY NOW”. You’re done with that part.

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