Do you have that one thing you want to accomplish in your life? You’ve tried, but you know you’re not going to be able to reach it on your own?

Same here!

Actually, I have quite a few things that I could add to that list.

A few months ago, I went to a church conference and attended a workshop on discipleship. The speaker was teaching that a great way to grow spiritually was through discipleship. That translates into finding someone that you admire and want to emulate, and ask them if you could shadow them.

As he was talking, I immediately realized I needed a mentor and  I could apply this logic to other areas of my life.

Why had I never thought of this before!

  • It would be cost-effective
  • I would learn so much
  • It would be an amazing experience

I decided to take what I learned and apply it to my desire to lose weight and learn more about weightlifting. This is something that I have tried, but for some reason, it has never clicked. I’m naturally a visual/hands-on learner, so buying the endless e-books or watching the videos just didn’t work for me. Plus, there was no accountability, so it was time to step outside of myself.

By applying what I learned, I was able to find a mentor and maintain a successful relationship for the last 6 months. Below, I’ll take you through the steps that I did to find my fitness mentor and how I’ve been able to maintain it.

?Find someone you want to be like

I’m sure there are many people that you’ve come across and you wonder how they do it. Maybe, you think, if only I could spend a day with them, I could do that too. Time to make a list. Let’s use my example of fitness( But you can use whatever it is you decide to tackle), think of all the people in your life that are excelling at it at the moment. Note: This list does not have to be a list of friends, these can be people that you see at church, kids schools, or other activities. After you make your list, narrow it down to the top 3 people that you could possibly fit your day around theirs.

?Ask for help

Now that you have your 3 people, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and put away your pride. One of your top 3 people, maybe someone that you’ve never spoken to and that’s o.k! Believe it or not, people really love to help others if they feel they can. My top person was not a friend or mine, but we knew of each other. When I approached her, I shared how I was in awe of her physical changes and admired her dedication. I explained my struggles with weight loss and my fears of being imitated of going to the gym on my own.

✅Make it hard to say no

I asked if could join the gym where she attended and if I could join her during her workouts. This made it easy. There was no need for her to rearrange her schedule, I was simply asking if I could join it.  

?Be flexible

There have been times that she has had to move her schedule around. I do my best to move my schedule around to still join in, but if I can’t no worries, but I’m one that’s asking for help. So I do my best to be there every time to soak up every bit of knowledge.

??Be committed

You’re the one that wants to be a better you. If you’re going to go through the process of finding and securing someone that agrees to work with you. SHOW UP! You’ve done the easy part, the hard part will be maintaining the relationship. Putting your commitment above other tasks in your life. This is when you will start to truly see a change. You will realize where your priorities truly lie.

❓Ask questions

Don’t get caught up and just do the motions. Make sure you ask questions, to ensure that you fully understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. So you can increase your knowledge. It’s true when they say knowledge is power.

?Take notes

I was finding each day a little difficult to keep track of all of the various exercises we were doing. I didn’t want to take away from our invaluable workout time, so I started using Snapchat to take a video of each exercise and documenting on the video the exercise, weight, reps, and what we were focusing on that day. That has helped tremendously! If I happen to miss a day I have a live journal on what to do.  

??Be grateful

Show appreciation for the time and energy the person has put in to help you be better. Even though they are not going out of their way to help you, you are still occupying their space and energy. You can show appreciation by being respectful of their time, staying committed, taking their advice, giving a gift, writing a note, remembering their birthday. There are many ways that you can express your gratitude.  

Getting a mentor in this area of my life has been life-changing. I’m attaining skills I didn’t have before, and I’m building my confidence because I have someone beside me that’s able to answer my questions on the spot. What’s so awesome is she’s not a professional, she is just another mom who is further along on her journey and is allowing me to travel on side of her.

Breaking it down, I view myself as a passenger in a car. I believe there are 3 kinds of car passengers.

  • ?Ride Along Passenger– I’m just there for the ride. It doesn’t matter if I sleep during the ride, I don’t need to take it in I just need to get to my destination.
  • ?Joy Ride Passenger– I’m enjoying the scenery, love the music, taking it all in and appreciating the moment. Just grateful that I’m able to be in the car.
  • ?Co-Pilot Passenger– I’m taking mental notes of the street names, landmarks, checking the GPS, and asking questions to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. I’m thinking ahead so I can be prepared in case my driver isn’t always beside me. Showing that I’m just as committed to making it to our destination as the driver.

I’ve learned I need to strive to be the co-pilot passenger when it comes to reaching my goals. So many times, I just let life happen instead of taking an initiative to guide where life takes me.

My fitness mentor has been such a successful relationship I’m determined to apply it to other areas that I want to work on such as blogging, business networking, meal prepping, and being a positive minded person. I excited to see the different strategies that I’ll have to use to find people for each of my task.

I want to know..

Do you have a mentor in any area of your life? Do you have any ideas that would be helpful in getting someone to mentor you?

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Bianca Landis is the owner of Not A Basic Mom. She helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to setup Wordpress blogs while teaching bloggers and business owners to use social media to market their business. Her teaching style is simple, actionable and attainable. She has a deep love for teaching and helping others reach their goals.

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