Hey Sunshine☀, It’s Bianca!

The time has come…

I’m super excited and a bit nervous to be writing to you. The thing is, I’ve wanted to create a blog for a few years now. I’ve visited many of websites through the years, and have had twice as many thoughts flow through my mind ..

“Ugh, why didn’t I think of that”, “I totally could have done that”, “I could never do that”, “I’m not funny, or interesting”, or “I can’t even write” .

I could go on for days, but I think you get the point.

Crazy thing is that I’ve created several websites through the years, because I LOVE to create things. The issue lies in the maintenance of things, I’ll admit, it’s not my favorite part. However, through my years of observation, I’ve learned that creating things can be awesome, but will only get you so far.

I would spend hours/days perfecting and customizing a theme making sure it was pleasing to the eye, but then not follow-through with writing post.

It’s a miracle

Then recently I had an idea!

For the first time in forever…(Yes, from Frozen..I know) 

That’s what makes this website so exciting for me, as I mentioned above, I love creating things, but that often leaves me with unfinished projects. While struggling with negative self talk and self doubt with thoughts thinking I’m unable to follow-through and complete projects.

Time for a change

Well it’s time that I prove myself wrong!

So I’ve decided to use this blog as a platform to journal about things that I want to complete from start to finish.

I finally have material I could write about in a blog.

The plan is to write about goals I want to accomplish with travel, health, finance and anything else I decide to tackle. I will write my post to hold myself accountable and to have proof of completed projects. That way I can review my progress when I need inspiration or when self doubt tries to creep back in, I can get recap my successes to get a confidence boost.

Now that I have direction in what to write about, the last thing I need to decide is how can I help people? Several blogs I’ve read say that you need to help your readers reach a goal or teach them something. Going over what I’ve written above, it seems fitting to show women how to break from the prison of self doubt and procrastination by learning from my trial and hiccups. 

Crush the goals

Focus on breaking the cycle and …

Promoting Self-Love

Embracing our Strength

Knowing our Worth

Challenging Ourselves


That being said my blogging super power will be to help women take action and complete their wants, needs, and desires

Thanks for taking the time to become apart of my story.

I hope you join me on this perfectly imperfect journey.

I want to know..

Are you blogging through your journey? Please share I would love to follow along. 



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Bianca Landis is the owner of Not A Basic Mom. She helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to setup Wordpress blogs while teaching bloggers and business owners to use social media to market their business. Her teaching style is simple, actionable and attainable. She has a deep love for teaching and helping others reach their goals.

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