How I buy 3 months worth of snacks for 4 kids in under 1 hour

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate grocery shopping?. My trips include going to the store, thinking to myself “Why don’t I ever create a list”(or forgetting said list), strolling through the aisles trying to Pinterest recipes as I go, wondering why don’t I end this cycle. I know you’re thinking “Girl just plan”.  Don’t know why, but it’s always been a struggle. Also, why is Walmart always redesigning? STOP MOVING THINGS ALREADY!! I digress.?  So needless to say when Amazon Prime debuted I was the among the first to sign up!

Since Amazon Prime, several companies have jumped on board by also offering fast shipping at affordable prices. Which is a win-win for me, because I get to save time and money!

2017: a year in Review

 I was inspired to do this by a blogger, who’s site I was inspired by the moment I saw it. I’m excited that I came across this at the end of the year, because I feel that it’s going to be beneficial when I need a pick me up throughout the year. 

I fell in love with this idea, because it aligns with my goal of this site. Creating, completing and celebrating goals accomplished. This will allow me to have a visual of my accomplishments and focus on what I have done, as motivation to keep moving forward. Opposed to focusing on the negative of what I don’t have and what I haven’t completed. 

How switching banks saved me over $1000

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I used to be quite embarrassed to admit, but I struggled with overdraft fees to the extreme in my early 20’s.? When my children???????? were little and my husband?? first left, I paid over $1000+ of overdraft/overdrawn account fees in one year. How? A few ways, bad money management, being naive, and a lack of funds. I felt stuck, but I knew I needed my bank account, it was sucking everything out of me at the same time.

Through the years I was able to get a better handle of my finances, but yet, I still cringed from time to time when a charge, that I forgot about, slipped through the cracks.

I finally had a handle of my money, so the smallest account fee was bothersome.